- was born on 16 April 1985 in Moscow

- graduated from the Institute of Cinematography S.A. Gerasimov in 2007; major: Film and Television Producer

- photographer since 2009

- has worked as a photographer on film sets since 2010, on:

Zhukov (dir. A. Muradov),

Leviathan (dir. A. Zvyagintsev),

Loveless (dir. A. Zvyagintsev),

Nika (dir. V. Kuzmina)

- worked as production manager in 2002–10 on:

In the First Circle (dir. G. Panfilov),

Film Festival (dir. V. Pichul),

The Banishment (dir. A. Zvyagintsev),

Elena (dir. Andrey Zvyagintsev),

Kromov (dir. A. Razenkov), etc.